Blue Chain is a specialised service provider in the value chain of procurement and logistics.

Factor 6. An important figure for us and for you.

Based on the average European profit-level of 7,3%, every 1% reduction in procurement and logistics costs results in a 6% increase of your net profit. This multiplier is the basis of our approach. We, together with your staff, will raise the effectiveness of your supply chain. More than 80 percent of the transformation processes get stuck because the involved staff don’t perceive the changes as improvements. The inertness of an organisation is underestimated over and over again. In this matter we make a difference. We have the quality of being a good sparring partner as well as a commercial entrepreneur. We possess organisation-sensitiveness and we are leading by setting the right example and having the required authority and expertise to make decisions.

Footprint Management. Finding the right balance.
In the previous century the procurement share was about 40% of production costs whereas today is rises above 60%. It is an adjustment to the trade globalisation and your high demanding customers .Your customers are familiar with the mantra: faster, better and cheaper. Your suppliers have an increasing footprint in your organisation and therefore a growing share in the value sold to your customers. The external side of your organisation demands professional management. Procurement needs to find a balance between securing the interests and posing as an attractive customer. In this way you will achieve much more with your suppliers.

Investment Development
is another specialty. Your investment process must be well-guided with the right suppliers. The procurement and contract-management is an important phase. We will assist you in the tender process and we will provide you with the suitable contracts. Often we conduct the negotiations in several languages. We keep the procurement process on track and create complementing objectivity in the decision-making processes.

We can also help your Sales Department
We offer negotiation courses for your sales staff. We give a glimpse into the kitchen of procurement. These practical courses are based on real life situations. The simulation of negotiations is the core. Your sales department will develop a better relationship with senior buyers based on their understanding of procurement with its behaviour and goals.

Blue Chain is a specialised service provider in the value chain of procurement and logistics. We distinguish ourselves in combining advice with professional execution.

Blue Chain has its expertise in the fields of procurement, logistics and change management.
We realise improvements in a sustainable way. We are a group of nine people with substantial and varied experience.